Our expert credit control will help your business be more streamlined
Our expert credit control will help your business be more streamlined

credit control

Good credit control requires specialist skills, flexible IT systems, extensive payment facilities and robust processes. Regular, polite contact with customers ensures that issues are quickly identified and resolved before payment becomes due, driving process efficiency and good cash management.

In its simplest form identeco provides clients with "Branded Credit Control Services", this facility comprises the dispatch of in-house reminders under the client's own identity and at pre-determined intervals. A more complex requirement incorporates payment handling, payment identification, on-stop processes, call centre support, pro-active telephone chasing, email and SMS, campaign management, data solutions and customer service elements.

Many companies find it more cost effective to concentrate their credit management function on major or high value accounts and pass the management of lower value accounts to a specialist provider. Following this strategy the improvement in early cash recovery and reduction in costs can be significant with a service that provides a more customer centric approach, as problems are identified earlier resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

There are many reasons for a company to outsource receivables management activity and below are some of the key features available from our service.

Key features:

  • The benefits of an experience credit control team without all the expense
  • Flexible modular service to suit your needs
  • Positive cash flow and reduced DSO with all payments sent directly to your Bank account
  • Extensive payment facilities, giving you 24/7 payment connectivity
  • Dispute management capabilities
  • Automated Document Production and Dispatch including invoice processing
  • Disclosed or confidential service options
  • Daily payment files mapped to your accounting systems for immediate updating
  • DDI numbers for calls answered in your company name
  • Data management with account monitoring, cleansing and data appending options
  • Total transparency with on-line systems, to review progress 24/7 on all your devices

Overload call centre support service

identeco and its sister Company Controlaccount Plc have worked with leading firms to drive business process efficiency, solve back office problems and reduce costs. Speak to our New Business Team to find out how our service can benefit your business by providing a more streamlined approach to your back office functions.

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