Accurate data right at your fingertips
Accurate data right at your fingertips

address cleansing

Your customer data is a valuable business asset and correct information is vital to engage and communicate with your customers efficiently; mitigate compliance risks, improve cash flow, reduce wastage, control production costs and drive direct sales. All this can be achieved by keeping your data up to date and working for you at a premium, regular data cleansing is essential to ensure you have the most accurate data to work with.

Data cleansing is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated or improperly formatted to correct incomplete records, update missing address elements and ensure consistency in mailing preferences.

Key features:

  • Ensure accurate postal address data
  • Demonstrate a responsible marketing approach
  • Safeguard your corporate reputation by avoiding bad publicity
  • Identify and remove duplication and reduce mail wastage and cost
  • Ensure consistent formatting and provide contact enhancements
  • Update missing address elements
  • Increased delivery rates and reduce returns
  • Provides a better brand experience for customers

Data cleansing services

Simply place your order today, using the buy button below and provide the data you want examining and we will send you a report of clean data, together with a list of any items we could not identify within 24 hours.

£5.00 (Subscription required) per 100 records (minimum order £25)

All pricing is shown net of Value Added Tax (VAT).

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