Accurate and relevant data is your most vital business asset. Make sure you are keeping your data updated.

data cleansing & enhancement

Contact data for marketing and sales prospecting is the cornerstone of good business practice and one of your most valuable business assets. Make sure your data works for you by keeping it up to date and accurate with the services offered from identeco's Data Cleansing & Enhancement services.

These services are competitively priced for subscribers to the Business Support Toolkit.

Take advantage of our FREE Data Audit Service and find out where your data can be improved and enhanced with up-to-date GDPR compliant contact details.

Any data updates can be targeted to individual data points such as email or phone, or can be taken on comprehensively to update everything required for a record – from simple address details to referring to mortality registers and ensuring telephone preference service (TPS) requirements are identified.

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Data Audit Service

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Address Cleansing

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Email Appending

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Telephone Appending

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Live Telephone Match

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Mortality Matching

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TPS & CTPS Screening

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Mailing Preference Screening

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Residency Reporting

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What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing – also referred to as data cleaning or data scrubbing - is the process of identifying missing, out of date or duplicate data. This is usually in a spreadsheet, portal, or database such as a CRM.

How can identeco help businesses with their data cleansing needs?

As part of a subscription to the Business Support Toolkit, our subscribers have access to a concise data audit service whereby data can be uploaded to identeco’s secure online portal for screening. identeco will screen against various data points to identify where your data is incomplete, incorrect, or duplicated and which elements of your data we can improve – making it more effective and giving a greater return on investment.

What kind of data will identeco cleanse?

Essentially, we can cleanse (or scrub) any data, but the most common requirements are customer databases such as data contained on a CRM and spreadsheets which might include marketing lists, prospecting lists, or customer insights. Usually, this type of data cleanse and data enhancement includes address cleansing and address appending (the process of adding missing addresses), email appending (matching an email address to existing data). We provide MPTS, CTPS & TPS screening (mail preference screening, corporate telephone preference service and telephone preference service) to ascertain if the organisation or person has registered to not receive any unsolicited calls, communication, or marketing. We also offer telephone appending (applying landline or telephone numbers to your data), live telephone matching (screening of all telephone and mobile numbers to make sure that lines are still active and telephone numbers still valid). We also offer a residency reporting service which will confirm if an individual links to a specific address.

Why would a business need data cleansing?

Quite simply, data makes the world go around. It touches almost every part of your business and more importantly, regulations require organisations to be managing data correctly. Data cleansing can help your business is many ways – from reducing marketing spend on gone away contacts, or ‘np address found’. We will also increase your return on investment (ROI) with sales calls, as a thorough data cleanse will prevent contacting numbers that are no longer in service or are now assigned to a different business, or worse, an individual. Data enhancement will also enable you to add additional information to your existing such as demographics, if they are property owners, credit rating, etc. We are happy to work with you to get a bespoke solution to your data needs.

How does the service work?

As a subscriber to identeco Business Support Toolkit, you can access the data audit service as many times as you wish – this will help you to identify where your data is lacking, duplicated or incorrect. In those areas, identeco will advise where we can enhance this data, providing a count and cost per unit. Once the data is cleansed and updated, we will return it to you in an agreed format and deliver it securely to your identeco dashboard.

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