Accurate and relevant data is your most vital business asset. Make sure you are keeping your data updated.

data cleansing & enhancement

Contact data for marketing and sales prospecting is the cornerstone of good business practice and one of your most valuable business assets. Make sure your data works for you by keeping it up to date and accurate with the services offered from identeco's Data Cleansing & Enhancement services.

These services are competitively priced for subscribers to the Business Support Toolkit.

Take advantage of our FREE Data Audit Service and find out where your data can be improved and enhanced with up-to-date GDPR compliant contact details.

Any data updates can be targeted to individual data points such as email or phone, or can be taken on comprehensively to update everything required for a record – from simple address details to referring to mortality registers and ensuring telephone preference service (TPS) requirements are identified.

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What is address cleansing?

Address cleansing, which is also referred to as address verification or address validation is the process of screening existing subject address data and confirming its accuracy. Address verification checks will then provide the correct data and format the files to meet the official postal format.

Why would a business need data cleansing and what are the benefits?

Did you know that there are over 9,000 property moves each day? There are sadly over 1600 deaths each day. There are an average of 300 changes to P.A.F (Postcode Address File – a database that contains all know delivery points and postcodes in the UK) each day due to operational structures of the postal delivery system managed by Royal Mail). It’s also estimated that 1 in 5 businesses lose a customer each day due to inaccurate addresses. You can probably work out from this that data ages very quickly.

Identeco’s address cleansing services help businesses and organisations to stay sharp when it comes to their customer and prospecting data. Using our address cleaning and validation services, we can help maximise the quality of their data – whether that be B2B or B2C, which in turn will help drive better performing communications, elevate customer satisfaction and increase sales opportunities.

We use trusted worldwide data sources to offer the most comprehensive and trusted service to our subscribers.

What are the benefits of address cleansing?

Engaging with your prospects and customers is something your business will be doing every day – whether this be via telesales services, digital marketing communication or branded mail services. We all know that these activities are a solid way of increasing sales and promoting your brand. However, in 2018, handling data became a little trickier and organisations had to change their way of working to meet GDPR guidelines – and overall, this is being managed well. However, there is one clause than many businesses are overlooking: GDPR article 5 states that all (opted in and authorised data) personal data to be kept clean and accurate to meet compliance regulations. (It’s important to note here that if you are storing any personal data that is not positively opted in, you need to delete it). Our address cleansing (and all our data cleansing and enhancement services) enables businesses to meet these requirements.

By regularly cleansing your data, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Avoiding fines for non-compliance
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased engagement in targeted communications
  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Reduce wastage and admin of returned mail
  • Better decision making

How does the service work?

You’ll be pleased to hear that identeco will do the legwork for you.

As a subscriber to identeco Business Support Toolkit, our data cleansing services will help you to identify where your address files have missing information, are duplicated or incorrect. In those areas, identeco will advise where we can enhance or improve your address data, providing a count and cost per unit. Once we have completed a full address cleanse, reformat to P.A.F and run a final screen for accuracy, we will return it to you in an agreed format and deliver it securely to your identeco dashboard.

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This service is only available to our Business Support Toolkit subscribers. To subscribe to the Business Support Toolkit, click here. Once you have subscribed you can begin to access our address cleansing services immediately, as well as all our data enhancement solutions.

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