Find the filed documents you need fast
Find the filed documents you need fast

document retrieval

identeco will access company documents and filings to give you an accurate copy of a company document. Direct access is provided to PDF images of original documents filed by UK companies and all categories of filings are available.

Documents available include:

  • Incorporation documents
  • Company name changes
  • Change of registered office
  • Annual returns
  • Directors' appointments, resignations or amendments
  • Capital documents
  • Mortgages and charges

Filed company documents

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Access, view and download filed documents

What are filed documents?

Filed documents are documents relating to how a company is managed and how it performs. These documents are managed and maintained by Companies House.

Companies House is a UK government department within the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation that is responsible for not only the incorporation and dissolving of any UK LLP (limited liability partnerships) and limited companies but to uphold a level of transparency of these companies. ‘Filed documents’ is the term used when registered companies submit documentation relating to the running of their organisation to Companies House. These documents include incorporation documents, company name changes, registered offices and trading addresses, annual returns (a document detailing company information on the anniversary of its incorporation and will detail financial performance which include assets, turnover, profit and loss), directors’ appointments and resignations, capital documents as well as any mortgages and charges pertaining to that company.

Can anyone access my filed documents?

Yes. Companies House must make all documentation relating to a UK registered company available publicly. Most companies will use this information to execute due diligence on another company prior to entering into a business relationship.

What are the features of identeco’s Document Retrieval service?

Identeco’s Document Retrieval Service makes downloading company documents much more streamlined. All available information can be viewed as a list within the online portal making viewing easier. From here, subscribers can see the pagination of a document and either choose to view or save straight to their desktop. Our subscribers tell us that it’s easier to find what they are looking for.

What can I download?

Our reports enable you to view and download confirmation statements and updates, full accounts which include turnover, profit, dividends, assets and creditors due, company director and shareholder appointment and structures as well as terminations and resignations, annual returns and statement of capital, changes to registered offices or trading addresses, company aims, auditor’s information as well as information on mortgages.

How does identeco’s Document Retrieval service work?

There any several ways to access this information within identeco: When using our Company Search facility, you can select any filed documents to view, download or print. Alternatively, you can visit our Document Retrieval page and input the name of the company whose documents you wish to view. If you use our Company Account Monitoring service, you will be notified via email when any new documents are filed at Companies House enabling you to go to your dashboard to view the update or document.

Start accessing any UK company filed documents instantly

identeco’s Document Retrieval service is included as part of the Business Support Toolkit subscription, which is available for £79.95 per year and includes a range of business services at no additional cost. To see a list of services included in an annual subscription, click here.

For more information on the Business Support Toolkit, drop us an email or contact the team to arrange a free trial or quick 10 minute demo – we promise you will be impressed.