Don't be limited in your lettering needs

letter strategies & returned mail

Traditional methods of mailing customers can have a major impact on your business, causing delays in process through resource limitations or operator error, which ultimately impact on recovery in terms of the speed associated with debt liquidation and performance itself.

At identeco, we have developed a range of solutions to help businesses stay in control of lettering strategies and our branded lettering service can be easily integrated into your current workflow procedures, helping you to achieve your objectives, whilst reducing your current letter preparation costs.

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Key features:

  • Fully automated approach to lettering with bespoke letter templates
  • Letters released within 24 hours of instruction
  • Dunning strategies
  • Remove the need for large volumes of stationery and postage stamps to be required internally
  • A more efficient and cost effective approach
  • A reduction in the manual intervention required by your teams reviewing accounts, requesting and printing, enveloping and posting correspondence
  • Returned mail solutions available

Dunning & branded lettering services

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