Our global debt collection will recover unpaid invoices quickly and effectively
Our global debt collection will recover unpaid invoices quickly and effectively

european & international debt recovery

Securing payment overseas can be a daunting task, different languages, time zones, regulations and customs all make recovery seem much harder to resolve; and using lawyers or local collection agencies can be extremely expensive. In contrast identeco's European & International debt collection service is managed from a centralised single-point, our head office in the UK, and represents the perfect blend of technology and people skills for the recovery of account receivables throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

For more than 30 years identeco and its sister company Controlaccount Plc have been collecting debt around the world during which time we have built up extensive knowledge and expertise together with a trusted network of organisations that we can call upon to assist where local knowledge is necessary. Operating from a centralised location allows us to focus on a single-point solution, giving a uniformed structure to service delivery no matter where in the world. Just as each client has varying requirements and each debt jurisdiction has regulatory complexities, identeco offers a bespoke solution to meet each challenge.

Fast, effective business to business debt recovery on a “no collect, no fee” arrangement with a commitment to reducing your cost of collection through the application and recovery of Statutory Late Payment charges for all debts in the EU. Our innovative service is based on the principle that outsourcing debt recovery should be simple, cost effective and ethical delivering a supportive and quality service in all aspects with.

Key features:

  • No hidden costs, no placement fees or debt pre-payment schemes
  • No deduction from payments received
  • No tied-in contractual terms
  • A commitment to reducing your cost of collection through the recovery of LPA charges
  • 100% of all money collected returned to the customer within 10 days of recovery
  • A transparent service with our online software, to review progress

Debt recovery service
Our collection methods are fair, transparent and ethical, taking into account your need to collect debts quickly, changing late payment behaviour and protecting your reputation. Our cloud based debt management and reporting software cannot be bettered, providing up-to-the-minute information on accounts and reporting tools to give you accurate financial data connected with any inventory placed for recovery enabling you to track performance and interact with our service.

If your debt is inside the EU our service makes use of the most up to date legislation for commercial debt recovery, utilising the EU Late Payment Directive 2011/7/EU (LPA). EU late payment provisions help you redress the cost of chasing overdue commercial debts and provide the ability to change customer payment behaviour, identeco will help you meet some or all of the cost of collection from the late payment charge and interest added to applicable accounts; this means that you could receive 100 percent of your debt, not a proportion as you may do currently. The advantages of our LPA service can be made as flexible as you wish, and we can discuss with you how the best way to integrate the benefits of our service with your existing credit control functions. Another aspect of EU cross boarder legislation is The European Order for Payment procedure introduced by EC Regulation 1896/2006 and applies between all Member States except Denmark. The procedure allows creditors to recover uncontested civil and commercial claims using a simplified judicial procedure.

For the recovery debts outside the EU the difference is a general lack of cross-border legislation, although legislation and other arrangements are very different Country to Country, there are Countries that provide the ability to recover the cost of collection. With our extensive knowledge of customs and practice and resources throughout the world, international debt collection isn't difficult, just a well designed process from a sound base of knowledge, executed by experience.

Services available:
Submit a Debt - Single Instruction (Subscription required)
Submit a Debt - Multiple Instruction (Subscription required)