Get instant insights into 3m UK companies
Get instant insights into 3m UK companies

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An essential business process should be to execute regular limited company checks as way of understanding customers, prospects and suppliers before committing to any level of credit terms. All limited companies are registered with Companies House and their website provides anyone to perform a limited company check – this could be to simply check limited company names or the address to which a company is registered. However, something more robust than a ltd name check is advisable in order to fully understand how a business is performing and if that company is in a position to meet your credit terms and settle invoices without difficulty.

A key service within identeco’s Business Support Toolkit – our Limited Companies UK portal - provides just that – a fully transparent ltd company check – providing insight into credit scores, creditor days, financial reporting, and director structures – as well as ten years’ financial reporting on 3m UK registered companies. (However, for those wanted to execute a quick ltd company credit check, we do also provide an at-a-glance credit score or financial health rating where we will crunch those numbers for you – giving you a quick guide to stability of a limited company to enable swift decision making)

Unlike many limited company checking websites, identeco’s Business Support Toolkit enables subscribers to perform an uncapped amount of limited company credit checks rather – meaning that you will not have to pay for more credits or extend your subscription level. Our UK company reports are unlimited.

In order to check a limited company name, company directors and shareholder structures, trading addresses and registered address as well as up to 10 years’ financial reports, simply log into identeco, visit the company search page and enter either the name of the company or the company registration number, should you have it. We will return -immediately – a full report on that company. See an example report here.

In cases where you need to perform credit checks for UK businesses, also included – uncapped – in an annual subscription is our Business Names Database which works just like our limited company checks. Access over 80% of the UK’s non-limited business to check trading addresses and contact telephone numbers, website and email details, the date the business was established and a financial health rating. Just like our limited company reports, we provide insights into detrimental data should it exist.

A subscription to identeco’s Business Support Toolkit is £79.95 per year and provides unlimited to the following services:

  • Credit checks on over 4m UK companies and businesses
  • Creditor days and credit scores guidelines
  • Director structures, shareholder votings and cross association of directorships
  • Detrimental data, such as CCJs or High Writs
  • Ten years’ of financial reporting including filing history, profit and loss, balance sheets, ratio analysis, turnover and assets
  • An at-a-glance financial health rating to enable quick decision making
  • A document retrieval service
  • Data audit reports to check for data compliancy and accuracy
  • Marketing and prospecting data for any sector or industry
  • Account monitoring for UK companies
  • Preferential rates to other Toolkits which include customer screening, anti-money laundering, trace and legal services

Subscription is £79.95 per year. Click here to subscribe, no credit card necessary.

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