It's hard to believe but we've just got even better ...
Thursday, 12th December 2019 14:11

This week we have launched a series of enhancements and improvements to our toolkits - meaning more services are included in the £79.95 annual subscription fee. So what's new?

We have moved our popular Account Monitoring Service into the Business Support Toolkit, meaning it won't cost you any extra money to monitor a company, if you are a subscriber. This service will help you manage your customer accounts more effectively. When a monitoring alert is set up on a specific company, we will notify you of any changes to your customer's trading conditions, flag any financial difficulties or changes in ownership, meaning that you can take a second look if necessary and avoid any risky decisions.

We have also launched two new, shiny services - our Sales Ledger Account Monitoring and Process Serving. These sit in the Customer Screening and Trace & Asset Intelligence Toolkit respectively.  

Sales Ledger Account Monitoring is a new service added to our Customer Screening Toolkit, which is a more advanced version of our Account Monitoring service. With our sales ledger account monitoring service, we can ensure that your credit control department is working with the latest information in order to respond to fluctuating customer finances. By uploading all or part of your sales ledger, you will receive notification of selected changes in your customer's trading conditions, flagging financial difficulties, track changes in ownership and the ability to review new accounting information immediately after filing. 

Our cost-effective nationwide process serving is fully compliant, accountable, accurate and reliable. We work closely with a carefully selected specialist partner to deliver a fully integrated solution for the serving of Legal Documents. All instructions are overseen by a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals and we undertake Pre-Serve checks on all addresses before attending to ensure maximum contact and maintain our consistently high success rates.

And we're not done yet. No Siree. We have another exciting service waiting in the pipeline that will be rolled out in early 2020. 

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