We will help you discover the probate details you are looking for
We will help you discover the probate details you are looking for

will & probate search

Our experienced team of search agents can help you find a will or grant representation (probate) for anyone that died during or after 1858, in England and Wales. With access to the Probate Registry, identeco can validate and confirm the details of deceased estates providing exact copies of all original filed documentation. In most cases this will include the registered will and the appointed executors.

Key features:

  • Validated details and confirmation of deceased estates
  • Flexible service, able to work with minimal detail.
  • Confirmed date deceased
  • Fast, Accurate and Confidential Service
  • Date upon which Probate was granted
  • Probate number assigned
  • Registry where the grant and will is held
  • Copy original documentation

Probate searches

Providing a fast and confidential service, our order process is simple; all we need is the full name of the deceased, an exact or approximate date of death and last known address or area. If you don't have these details, our service is flexible and our trained search agents are able to work with minimal information, sometimes we can search by just using the name alone. Order online today for delivery by email within 48 hours.

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