Proactive alerts and watch lists to manage your whole sales ledger and avoid unnecessary risk
Proactive alerts and watch lists to manage your whole sales ledger and avoid unnecessary risk

sales ledger account monitoring

How do you protect your business from the domino effect of bad finances? What happens to your cash flow when a customer is experiencing financial struggles? With our sales ledger account monitoring service, we can ensure that your credit control department is working with the latest information in order to respond to fluctuating customer finances. By uploading all or part of your sales ledger, you will receive notification of selected changes in your customer's trading conditions, flagging financial difficulties, track changes in ownership and the ability to review new accounting information immediately after filing. The identeco sales ledger account monitoring service is fully automated and will email account changes as they are recorded, putting you in the driving seat and eliminating unnecessary risk by providing an up to date picture of your customers' financial or structural position.

identeco's unique health rating Watch List service is included within alert updates, but can be added to initial sales ledger account monitoring lists to provide a review of current customers, enabling you to spot the signs of potential company failure and take appropriate action to limit your exposure.

For matching your sales ledger customers please provide your customers' names and company numbers. In the instance of not having the company number on file, please use our Company Search service, and we will provide the registered number.

Service features and benefits:

  • Quickly and easily upload your whole or part of your sales ledger
  • Confirmation of the name and registered company number if required
  • Track potential company failures with identeco's watch list
  • Stay up to date and review changes in structure and financial health
  • Changes to company officers, directors and shareholders
  • Focus your business resources on solid customers and opportunities
  • Registered address change alerts
  • Alerts when accounts or annual returns are filed and many more

Company account monitoring

Alerts for registered Companies are updated as they are added to Companies House records or information is published.

Our service is flexible, and should you have specific requirements please contact identeco's support team on 01527 386 607

Number of accounts Annual price per account Annual price per account Annual price per account
Company Number Provided Company Number Required Company Number & Watch list Required
1000 15p 20p 25p
1001-5000 10p 15p 20p
5001+ 5p 10p 15p


Protect your business with Sales Ledger Account Monitoring

Are you getting all the facts? See where potential problems may arise with identeco’s sales ledger account monitoring service. We help businesses manage their customer accounts and credit management more effectively – all from one place. Our unique algorithm, coupled with collated trusted data sources, will track your customers’ financial stability and flag any companies that may be experiencing financial duress, and which may indicate a credit risk for your business.

Unlike the Account Monitoring service which is included in a Business Support Toolkit subscription, and is more of an ad-hoc sales ledger control service, our Sales Ledger Account Monitoring service differs slightly as subscribers can upload a part of whole sales ledger to identeco and identeco will monitor these companies on your behalf, emailing you of any changes that might affect your agreed credit terms or trading agreements.

How much does Sales Ledger Account Monitoring cost?

As a subscribed member of identeco, we provide competitive prices per volume of companies you wish to monitor. From as little as 15p per company for 12 months monitoring.

How will Sales Ledger Account Monitoring help my business?

Our subscribers use our account monitoring services to understand exactly who they are dealing with. We enable and support consistent, reliable checks on how an organisation is trading and if there is a change in circumstance. You will be alerted to an increase in revenue, a drop in financial stability or a move into a new market. Our sales ledger account monitoring will support your credit control function in being proactive in making sure that your credit terms realistically reflect your new and existing customers’ ability to pay. Being the first to know of these changes in a business, in stability can enable you to respond accordingly.

This service will also support your sales functions by helping them to maximise new opportunities. providing insights into businesses that are a good fit for your service and have budget to spend.

Our service will track significant changes in a company, identify risk, and manage growth.

Features and benefits of Sales Ledger Account Monitoring:

  • Only one xls spreadsheet upload
  • Receive timely notifications on account changes such as negative payments, winding up petitions or late filing gazette notices
  • Alerts to changes relating line-up of company officers
  • Insights into a company’s trading and credit behaviour
  • Allows for expedient action to reduce loses and manage credit
  • Helps to focus your business resources on solid customers and opportunities
  • Correspondence addresses change alerts
  • Alerts when new accounts or annual returns are filed
  • Notification of added mortgage charges

How does the Sales Ledger Account Monitoring service work?

The service could not be quicker and more straightforward to use; simply decide which service you require and download the appropriate template. Follow the file example which details the mandatory information required and reupload following the instructions. These companies will then be added to your monitoring list and can be viewed in your dashboard.

What are the benefits of monitoring my sales ledger?

  • Protect your company from risk
  • Move quickly to recover invoices or kit should your customer display negative behaviour
  • Make decisions quickly, based on real-time data
  • Review and amend credit terms, if required
  • Maximise sales leads and opportunities with existing clients or prospects
  • Reduce time spent on manual checks

What alerts and notifications will I receive?

  • CCJ New
  • Company Restoration
  • Accounting Referencing Date Change
  • Registered Name Change
  • Registered Address Change
  • Dissolution (First Gazette)
  • Dissolution
  • Gazette - Administration Order
  • Gazette - Administration Receiver Appointed
  • Gazette - Corporate Voluntary Agreement
  • Gazette - High Court Writ
  • Gazette - Liquidator Appointed
  • Gazette - Meeting of Creditors
  • Gazette - Petition Dismissed
  • Gazette - Petition to Wind Up
  • Gazette - Receiver Manager Appointed
  • Gazette - Receiver Manager Ceasing
  • Gazette - Striking Off Suspend
  • Gazette - Striking Off Application
  • Gazette - Striking Off Notice
  • Gazette - Unadvertised Petition to Wind Up
  • Gazette - Voluntary Winding Up
  • Gazette - Winding Up Order Rescinded
  • Gazette - Winding Up Order
  • Mortgage Amendment
  • Satisfied Mortgage
  • New Mortgage
  • Shareholder Added
  • Officer Deleted
  • Officer Added
  • Officer Resigned
  • Officer Details Updated
  • Accounts Added
  • Payment Trend Change
  • CCJ New - Probable Match
  • CCJ New - Possible Match
  • Credit Score Increase
  • Credit Score Decrease
  • Credit Score Change 20 Points
  • Revenue Drop > 10%
  • Company Incorporated

What long can I have a company on monitoring?

All sales ledger account monitoring services are priced on 12 months.

Sign up for a subscription to identeco Business Support Toolkit and begin using our Sales Ledger Account Monitoring services immediately.

This service is only available to our Business Support Toolkit subscribers. To subscribe to the Business Support Toolkit, click here. Once you have subscribed you can begin to access Sales Ledger Account Monitoring service immediately.

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