Proactive alerts and watch lists to manage your whole sales ledger and avoid unnecessary risk
Proactive alerts and watch lists to manage your whole sales ledger and avoid unnecessary risk

sales ledger account monitoring

How do you protect your business from the domino effect of bad finances? What happens to your cash flow when a customer is experiencing financial struggles? With our sales ledger account monitoring service, we can ensure that your credit control department is working with the latest information in order to respond to fluctuating customer finances. By uploading all or part of your sales ledger, you will receive notification of selected changes in your customer's trading conditions, flagging financial difficulties, track changes in ownership and the ability to review new accounting information immediately after filing. The identeco sales ledger account monitoring service is fully automated and will email account changes as they are recorded, putting you in the driving seat and eliminating unnecessary risk by providing an up to date picture of your customers' financial or structural position.

identeco's unique health rating Watch List service is included within alert updates, but can be added to initial sales ledger account monitoring lists to provide a review of current customers, enabling you to spot the signs of potential company failure and take appropriate action to limit your exposure.

For matching your sales ledger customers please provide your customers' names and company numbers. In the instance of not having the company number on file, please use our Company Search service, and we will provide the registered number.

Service features and benefits:

  • Quickly and easily upload your whole or part of your sales ledger
  • Confirmation of the name and registered company number if required
  • Track potential company failures with identeco's watch list
  • Stay up to date and review changes in structure and financial health
  • Changes to company officers, directors and shareholders
  • Focus your business resources on solid customers and opportunities
  • Registered address change alerts
  • Alerts when accounts or annual returns are filed and many more

Company account monitoring

Alerts for registered Companies are updated as they are added to Companies House records or information is published.

Our service is flexible, and should you have specific requirements please contact identeco's support team on 01527 549 531

Number of accounts Annual price per account Annual price per account Annual price per account
Company Number Provided Company Number Required Company Number & Watch list Required
1000 15p 20p 25p
1001-5000 10p 15p 20p
5001+ 5p 10p 15p