Make sure your telephone numbers are valid

live telephone matching

Accurate telephone data is paramount to ensure that your customer telephone and SMS campaigns have the best possible chance of success. Regular cleansing of your records with unobtrusive live number testing will filter out numbers that are out of service, incorrect or no longer in use improving your database by removing degraded content

Key features:

  • Unobtrusive live number checking service
  • Confirm telephone number status, live, incorrect or out of service
  • Check both landline and mobile telephone numbers
  • Improve efficiency of your contact campaigns
  • Update degraded content in your database

Live telephone matching service

Simply place your order today, using the buy button below and provide the data you want examining and we will send you a report of updated phone numbers, together with a list of any items we could not identify within 24 hours.

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£5.00 (Subscription required) per 100 records (minimum order £25)

All pricing is shown net of Value Added Tax (VAT).

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