Locate absconded debtors with our successful trace service

primary trace

Are you trying to trace a debtor or ex-tenant? Has someone you have done business with disappeared still owing you money? We will help you to recover unpaid invoices with our reputable primary trace service. Fully operational throughout the UK and internationally, our professional tracing agents will quickly locate anyone on a no find, no fee agreement.

Together with our sister company, Controlaccount Plc we have over 30 years experience in the trace sector. Our highly efficient and trusted tracing agents will locate the current whereabouts and contact details of individuals and businesses, providing validated information to ensure reliability.

Our order process is simple; just supply us with the name and last known address of the person or businesses you are looking to find and we will undertake discrete enquiries to obtain current, up-to-date information; our no trace, no fee policy means you only ever pay for positive results.

As a subscribed member of identeco, you can benefit from our highly competitive trace rate of £25.00 which will only be payable on a positive find.

Key features:

  • Trace debtors easily throughout the UK and Internationally (Price on application for International trace)
  • Ex-tenant tracing
  • Pay for results only service - no find, no fee
  • Confirmed current address information
  • Data used to verify the information obtained
  • Landline and mobile numbers located during our investigation
  • Contact email addresses located during our investigation
  • Confirmed date of birth where applicable
  • Area demographic information
  • Free recheck policy
  • Access to innovative technology
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Highly efficient, accurate and compliant
  • Collections service also available

identeco Primary Trace Service

Our policy of only supplying validated information gives us the confidence to provide our customers a free information recheck service. For those more difficult enquires, we provide a more in-depth trace and track service. Contact us for more details about our active trace service.

Fees for our trace service are only chargeable if we are able to locate a positive address. We are able to process both one off enquires to large volume instructions. Simply place your trace request using the button below and we will email you the result within 7 days.

Click here to view an example Primary Trace report.

£25.00 (Subscription required)

All pricing is shown net of Value Added Tax (VAT).