Determine your chances of litigation success
Determine your chances of litigation success

trace & pre-litigation

Being fully informed drives better business decisions, so before incurring expensive legal fees learn more about the financial standing of any individual, company or business. With identeco's Pre-litigation service we will provide measurements of suitability for legal recovery action, identify key financial information, help you understand defaults and attitudes towards non-payment, validate current addresses and contact information, provide intelligence on property owned and obtain information relating to business or employment activity to give you a full understanding of financial circumstances. Our Trace & Pre-Litigation Service can also help you locate any individual, business or Company and provide a full report of financial circumstances in one report.

Key features:

  • Services for individuals and businesses
  • Drives better business decisions, before incurring expensive legal fee
  • Measure suitability for legal recovery action
  • Validated current addresses and other contact information
  • Understand business activity or employed status
  • Confirmed Date of Birth (individual)
  • Obtain intelligence on property owned, with last sale date and price
  • Defaults and County Court Judgments (CCJ) recorded/satisfied

Trace & Pre-litigation Reports

All of identeco's intelligence gathering services use validated information to ensure reliability and accuracy with a service that is provided by dedicated resources using open source intelligence.

Our order process is simple; just completed our online pre-litigation or trace pre-litigation request form with the name and last known address of the person or businesses you are looking to search and we will undertake discrete enquiries to obtain current, up-to-date information; our “no find no fee” guarantee means you only ever pay for positive results

Click here to view an example Trace & Pre-litigation report.

Click here to view an example Company Trace & Pre-litigation report.

Services available:
Individual Pre-litigation Service £25.00 (Subscription required)
Commercial Pre-litigation Service £25.00 (Subscription required)
Trace and Pre-litigation Service £35.00 (Subscription required)

All pricing is shown net of Value Added Tax (VAT).