Insight, information and services to address your issues and challenges
Insight, information and services to address your issues and challenges

what's your business challenge?

  • Dealing with credit risk through proper financial health analysis?
  • Building and growing your business through a GDPR compliant marketing campaign?
  • Improving cashflow or reducing write-off through Collections or Debt Recovery?

identeco has information, services or a solution to help you drive your business forward:

New Customer? Great News.
But do you have a full understanding of their financial capabilities?
Our Business Support Toolkit does.

Who am I dealing with?

Don't be the last to know.
Our Account Monitoring Service will notify you if your customers are struggling or have more to spend.

Companies that go bump in the night?

The more overdue an invoice is, the harder it is to collect.
It might be time for a firmer approach to resolve the issue. Our sister company Controlaccount offers no collect, no fee commercial debt recovery.

Customer fallen behind on payments?

Struggling to contact your customer?
Let us check you have the most up to date contact and customer details. We offer primary & employment trace services on a no find, no fee basis.

Customer gone AWOL?

Don't get caught out.
A full understanding of a sole trader's capabilities is vital in order to avoid risk.
Take a look at our Customer Screening Services.

Need to understand your customers better?

Back office duties taking you away from the core business?
We provide outsourcing services through branded communications and call centre support.

Administration nightmare?

A business database is one of its most valuable assets.
Make sure you keep it compliant, accurate, and up to date.
Our telephone, email and mortality appending service will do the job.

Is your data GDPR compliant and accurate?

Don't throw good money after bad.
Our Pre Litigation Reports will give you insight into your chances of success.

Need to litigate?

You need a full understanding of your target industry.
Get insights into market leaders and new entrants in your target sector.
Take a look at our Market Growth & Research Services.

Need more sales?

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