Last Updated: 01/07/2024

"N.F.GREENAWAY" (Company No. LP002618) is listed with a Companies House status of Active, this company was incorporated on 01/01/1981 and has traded for more than 43 years. The Company is registered as a Limited Partnership.

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Key company information

Company Name"N.F.GREENAWAY"
Company NumberLP002618
Company CategoryLimited Partnership
Company StatusActive
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Incorporation Date01/01/1981
Dissolution Date

Registered address

Care of
PO Box
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Post Town
Google Map

Key financial information

Accounting Reference Date/
Accounts Next Due Date
Accounts Last Made Up Date
Account Filing CategoryNO ACCOUNTS FILED
Number of Mortgages Charges0
Number of Mortgages Outstanding0
Number of Mortgages Part Satisfied0
Number of Mortgages Satisfied0

Filing information

Confirmation Statement Last Made Up Date
Confirmation Statement Next Due Date15/01/2017
Number of General Partners0
Number of Limited Partners0
Previous Name 1 -
Previous Name 2 -
Previous Name 3 -
Previous Name 4 -
Previous Name 5 -
Previous Name 6 -
Previous Name 7 -
Previous Name 8 -
Previous Name 9 -
Previous Name 10 -

Industry classification

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SIC Code 1None Supplied
SIC Code 2
SIC Code 3
SIC Code 4

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