Instant access to unlimited company and credit information and a range of financial and data reporting tools to maintain compliance and re-energise your data

business support toolkit - protect and grow your business, understand your customers and avoid risk

The identeco Business Support Toolkit is an online tool available for an annual subscription of just £79.95 + VAT, which provides instant access to unlimited reports on over 3million UK companies and 1.6million non-registered businesses.

The subscription enables due diligence in evaluating their supplier and customer financial health, identifying any ongoing changes and investigating growth potential in their key markets.

It provides reports and access the information to:

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Company Search

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Business Names Database

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Director Search

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Account Monitoring

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Data Audit Service

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Document Retrieval

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Marketing, Mailing & Prospecting Lists

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New Market Entrants

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Acquisition Targets

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Key features:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to detailed company status reports giving full insight into trading activity and intelligence on over 3million companies.
  • Financial Health ratings and Financial Report information to support credit reviews including annual returns, up to 10 years analysis of profit and loss and balance sheet figures, ownership structures and mortgage details.
  • Account Monitoring and Alerts of individual companies, receive email alerts on any change to filed data, CCJ and detrimental flags, legal structure, accounting information, ownership and financial health.
  • Full Transparency on detrimental data, including liquidation and receiverships, CCJs or striking off notices.
  • A business names database featuring over 1.8 million non-limited companies in the UK.
  • Director searches by name, location or company.
  • Companies House document retrieval system for instant document downloads.
  • Data Audit and enrichment services to screen your database for accuracy and compliance.
  • Unlimited access to GDPR compliant Marketing and Prospecting Lists

Enhanced Services

Once a subscriber, identeco offers access to further range of competitively priced, value-add additional information, insight and services including:

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What is the Business Support Toolkit?

identeco’s Business Support Toolkit is an online business data portal that provides access to UK company information and business data which includes vital services such as credit reporting, financial reporting and trading activity, director and shareholder structures and any other directorships or company involvement as well as b2b data such as marketing and prospecting information, acquisition reporting and data cleansing services.

How does the Business Support Toolkit work?

In order to deliver the most up to date and accurate data for our subscribers, identeco pulls its data from a number of sources – including Companies House, The Gazette as well as a number of APIs from other vital business data channels. identeco then uses its unique algorithm to apply a credit scoring to this data and deliver this information in a manageable format to help businesses use the data to protect themselves for risk, understand their market, competitors and customers as well as grow their business.

The Business Support Toolkit works on a subscription only basis – priced at £79.95 a year, providing unlimited access to several key business data services. There are additional services that are available at a preferential rate for identeco subscribers.

What services are included in the Business Support Toolkit?

Subscribers to the Business Support Toolkit have unlimited access to nine services with no limits on reports generated and downloaded or companies searched.

These services include:

Company Reports – run unlimited searches on UK incorporated companies to confirm details such as trading and registered addresses and telephone numbers, trading statuses, access credit scoring, credit limits and creditor days. Subscribers can also view the existence of detrimental data as well as filing history, profit and loss and balance sheet reports.

Director Structures – search by name to find directors of a company and filter results further by date of birth and residence or search by a company to find current and previous directors and their corresponding share structure. View any cross associations between companies.

Business Names Database – for any businesses that are not incorporated, this report enables subscribers to view financial and trading insights such as address, trading duration, credit limit and overall business health, any detrimental data should it exist as well as persons with significant control.

Account Monitoring – subscribers can receive alerts on any company to advise of any changes in structure, credit worthiness, addressing or directors. This helps subscribers to protect themselves from any risk from any negative activity associated with customers and suppliers or just to keep an eye on the competition.

Data Audit Service – identeco will screen any of your business data and advise where there are duplications, aged, incorrect or incomplete data which may have a negative impact on your ROI. We will advise where improvements can be made to make your data more effective.

Document Retrieval – this service makes finding filed documents straightforward and rapid. View, print or download any Companies House filed document from the last 10 years, at the click of a button.

Marketing, Mailing and Prospecting Lists – increase your market share by introducing your services or product to a wider audience. Build bespoke marketing, telesales and mailing lists via SIC code or keyword. Added filters such as region, asset and company health will enable you to drill down into a sector and build a bespoke marketing list that meets your exact business needs.

New Market Entrants – Download an accurate and timely report of any new companies to a specific market sector to give you visibility of any new potential customers or new companies to the sector that you operate within.

Acquisition Targets – Looking for an opportunity for merger or buyout, or simply looking for some new kit? Our acquisition reporting provides a list of businesses that may potentially be ready for a conversation.

Sign up for a subscription to identeco Business Support Toolkit and begin searching companies and downloading reports today.

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For more information on the Business Support Toolkit, drop us an email or contact the team to arrange a free trial or quick 10 minute demo – we promise you will be impressed.