Alerts to notify you when the structure or financial status of a company changes, saving you time and money
Alerts to notify you when the structure or financial status of a company changes, saving you time and money

account monitoring

Ever changing trading conditions continually impact business, affecting stability and opportunities to grow existing business relationships. Ensure your customer record contains the most up to date information by taking a proactive approach with identeco's account monitoring service. Our individual company account monitoring alerts will help you manage your customer accounts more effectively. When you set up a monitoring alert on a specific company, we will notify you of any changes to your customer's trading conditions, flag any financial difficulties or changes in ownership, meaning that you can take a second look if necessary and avoid any risky decisions.

identeco's individual company monitoring service is included in our Business Support Toolkit subscription and is fully automated through our online credit management portal which will automatically email account changes as they are recorded, putting you in the driving seat and eliminating unnecessary risk by providing an up to date picture of your customer's financial position.

Service features and benefits:

  • Track significant changes to identify risk, manage growth, save time and reduce cost
  • Changes in Financial Health Rating
  • Recorded CCJ and other detrimental information
  • Change of Name or Accounting Reference Date
  • Director changes and Shareholder information
  • Registered address change alerts
  • New Mortgages or Charges Registered
  • Alerts when accounts and confirmation statements are filed and many more

Company account monitoring

Alerts for registered Companies are updated as they are added to Companies House records or information is published. To access our Individual Company monitoring service visit our Company Search page and select the monitoring option, once selected identeco will provide alerts against the following: Click here for a full list of alerts

Should you require a facility to list the whole or part of your customer sales ledger, require name, number or address confirmation or want to review customer financial health ratings with our Company Watch List, please see our Sales Ledger Monitoring Service