identify and monitor businesses, sole traders and partnerships to minimise risk and protect your business.

customer screening toolkit

Our Customer Screening Toolkit offers businesses two vital services to safeguard their business and which should be incorporated into every account opening process. At the start of any new business relationship, it is vital that comprehensive checks are carried out. For UK registered businesses, this is straightforward to do through our Business Support Toolkit, but with sole traders and partnerships there is less data publicly available making them harder to validate. With our Customer Screening service, we will run identity checks to confirm to name, address, date of birth as well as any associated detrimental data to ascertain that new customers and potential partners are who they say they are.

identeco’s account monitoring service will then keep an eye on your account for you, notifying you of any changes to your customer’s trading conditions and flagging any issues that may require you to adjust credit and payment terms.

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