Identity and Anti-Money Laundering checks to minimise risk and protect your business.

Know Your Customers – Search, Screen, AML and Alert Services

Beyond the insights provided within our subscription, our enhanced services offer our Clients everything they need to apply a rigorous and compliant business taken on process for new customers, monitor and maintain risk through the ongoing relationship. These include:

Customer Screening Service - a vital task to confirming the identity and credit behaviour of your new customer.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) – further checks to confirm and validate the name, address, date of birth as well as any associated data to ascertain that new customers and potential partners are who they say they are.

Sales Ledger Account - monitoring and alert services are available to subscribers who are looking upload bulk data or create an API to monitor their sales ledger.

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What is the Customer Screening Toolkit?

There are three additional services included in our Customer Screening Toolkit. These include Customer Screening reports, a selection of anti-money laundering services and a Sales Ledger Account Monitoring service.

Unlike the Business Support Toolkit, the services contained within this Toolkit can be taken individually at preferential subscriber rates - only available to Business Support Toolkit subscribers.

How does the Customer Screening Toolkit work?

To begin using the business services included in the Customer Screening Toolkit, you will need to be a subscriber to identeco’s Business Support Toolkit. To subscribe now, click here.

This Toolkit enables subscribers to dig a little deeper into an individual, monitoring risk and getting a full understanding of who you are dealing with at the earliest opportunity.

identeco brings its data together from several trusted, global data sources to help you identify risk and make an assessment based on facts. We present all the findings in one central report – saving your business time and money.

What services are included in the Customer Screening Toolkit?

We have three additional services available exclusively to our subscribers. These include:

Customer screening: Unlike company searches, data on individuals and sole traders can be tricky to pin down. With no obligation to submit information to Companies House, customer screening checks can often be neglected, which can cause further complications down the line when invoices don’t get paid, addressees can’t be matched and existing data doesn’t correlate with what a court might tell you.

Our customer screening report enables subscribers to rigorously screen potential customers or partners to avoid risk and make sure that all the intelligence that they hold on that person is accurate. Our reports will confirm personal data such as name, gender, date of birth, address and drill down further enabling you to establish if any county court judgements exist, if the subject is a property holder, if any directorships are held, as well as provide demographic information.

Reports include the following information:

Name and address
Residential address (sole traders and partnerships only)
Trading address (sole traders and partnerships only)
Date of birth
TPS/Ex Directory
Insolvency history
Detrimental data such as County Court Judgements
Mortality screening
Property data and ownership
Demographic profile based on lifestyle, cultures, and behaviour
Directorship search

For more information on our Customer Screening Service, please click here

Anti-money laundering (AML) services:

If you operate in the legal, finance, property sector or are classed as a high-risk corporate, you will be well aware of your commitments to avoid anti-money laundering (AML).

Within our Customer Screening Toolkit, we provide three options when it comes to protecting your business from AML risk:

Know Your Customer

This is the most basic of ID checks and will enable you to validate name and address and run an anti-fraud check. This type of check is suitable for low value transactions.

Anti-money laundering – standard check

We will perform two full checks (name/current address and name/date of birth) to confirm identity of subject. We will also screen against the Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and & Sanctions List

Anti-money laundering – enhanced check

Our most robust AML check is our enhanced check which is priced at £5.95 + VAT per check. We will perform two full checks (name/current address and name/date of birth) to confirm identity of subject. We will also screen against the Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and & Sanctions List. In addition, we will confirm identity through the electoral register, check against credit header data (the data included on a consumer credit report) and screen against a mortality register to further remove doubt of identity.

Sales ledger account monitoring

For smaller organisations, our Company Monitoring Service, which is available as part of the Business Support Toolkit, is sufficient in order to be alerted to changes in another company’s trading or financial status. However, for subscribers that have a large volume of accounts or customers that they wish to monitor, our Sales Ledger Account Monitoring is a cost-effective, fully automated process that enables you to upload our sales ledger for monitoring via an API. This service will advise when a customer or account needs a second look – alerting you quickly to the stability of a company or when new documents have been filed.

Is the Customer Screening Toolkit right for my business?

The Customer Screening Toolkit is an affordable way for businesses to understand their customers, avoid risk and meet compliancy obligations.

Sign up for a subscription to identeco Business Support Toolkit and begin executing customer screenings reports, AML checks and sales ledger account monitoring today.

To subscribe to the Business Support Toolkit, click here. Once you have subscribed you can begin to access the Customer Screening Toolkit immediately.

For more information on the Business Support Toolkit, drop us an email or contact the team to arrange a free trial or quick 10 minute demo – we promise you will be impressed.