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ACQUISITION TARGETS Instant insights into opportunities to grow your business

Grow your portfolio, and expand your business with insights into possible acquisition ventures

Acquisition Targeting

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business portfolio, a business owner wanting to strengthen and grow your company or branch out into new areas of activity? Then you may want to consider an acquisition or merger with an existing company. Identifying businesses that are in a distressed state and may benefit from being restructured or strengthened by your own business model could provide a cost-effective answer to your growth strategy. Using our acquisition target reporting, you can identify businesses in the right sector and capitalise on company administrations with far less initial outlay than starting a new business or buying a successful organisation that matches your expansion needs.

The acquisition target reporting service is available to all Business Support Toolkit subscribers.

Instant, real-time lists by sector and area

Search by SIC code, industry or keywords and apply filters

Identify opportunities for investment or aid growth plans

Discover firms in your sector potentially interested in being acquired

Access a comprehensive list of businesses in administration and liquidation

Data to facilitate mergers, buy outs, acquire kit or take on skilled workers

Realise the greater opportunity with acquisition reporting

There are many reasons why a company may find itself in financial difficulty, it may have suffered from under investment, had an inflexible business model, weak financial controls or poor marketing. identeco's acquisition target service monitors all UK insolvency activity and can help you find the right opportunity by bringing together data to help investors and companies identify businesses in a distressed state, liquidated companies or those in administration to ascertain who may be a potential acquisition target.

Our data lists will help you source the best fit for your acquisition strategy and together with our company reporting service, provides the intelligence on financial history, director structures, profitability, growth, assets, and size - providing you with the necessary insight to understand if a company has the hallmarks of a good business investment.

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