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NEW MARKET ENTRANTS Insights on new entrants to your market

Keep up-to-date with potential new customers and competitors

New Market Entrants

The business landscape is continually changing - new entrants are constantly emerging, creating competition within markets and thousands of opportunities to add new customers to existing portfolios.

Access intelligence and insights on any new companies to the market. A requirement may arise when an organisation is entering into new markets and there is a need to understand how saturated those markets are. Alternatively, it could be an established player who is wishing to keep an eye on any start-ups in the industry or compete for your market. It may simply be a business taking a proactive approach to introducing products or services to a new company. Whatever the need, an understanding of new market entrants should not be neglected or underestimated.

Our new market entrants reporting is one of nine services available to our Business Support Toolkit subscribers.

Understand potential competition

Identify competitors and respond accordingly

Thousands of new opportunities to grow your business

Be first in line to introduce products or services to potential customers

Accurate data

Refreshed daily for pinpoint accuracy

Filter by SIC code

Search by industry and sector refinements

Powerful segmentation tools

Filter by region, postcode, age, financial health rating

Explore new business markets

Understand the market and establish how saturated the industry is

Why you should keep an eye on new market entrants?

New businesses to market can have two effects: they can influence supplier costs (as a demand for materials becomes greater, and they can put pressure on margin as they seek to establish a foothold in a designated sector). They also represent a great opportunity to develop new customers with an average of 575,000 start-ups each year over the last five years.

Executing thorough new market analysis will provide intelligence on any new ventures or enterprises which will enable you to understand their services and products, and any crossover with your business.

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How does identeco's new market entrants service work?

identeco's new market entrants data lists can be filtered by companies that have been incorporated within 24 months, industry SIC code and location.

Requesting a report could not be easier - or quicker. Simply submit a new market entrants request to our secure online portal. You can use filters to determine the type of organisation or sector you are interested in, which can be done via SIC code or industry. Refine your list further by applying enhanced filters such as region, financial health rating or age (6 month, 12 months, 18 months or 36 months) and click submit. We'll deliver a report directly to your unique dashboard and email you to let you know when it is there.

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