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DIRECTOR SEARCHES Intelligence and information on UK directors and shareholders

Understand exactly who you are dealing with and any cross associations

Director and Shareholder Searches

Successful leaders recognise that all business comes with an element of risk. Some risks can damage a business, but a calculated risk strategy often enables a business to grow and thrive. For example, taking on a new customer is always good for business, but there does need to be some scratching beneath the surface to get a full picture of who you are dealing with - and ascertaining the risk involved.

One of the main risk factors when taking on a new customer or client is whether the customer will settle invoices for services rendered or products provided - on time, and in full. Poor cash flow is cited as the cause of 82% of business failures. identeco helps our subscribers apply the appropriate due diligence into UK directors and shareholders that they are dealing with - providing accurate and up-to-date information on directors at any UK company, other directorships and company cross associations and previous trading history.

Key details

Full name, date of birth and nationality

Registered address

Track down any director easily

Mutual connections

Identify who a director is connected to

Current and previous directorships

Understand historic business behaviour


Access shares and voting rights information


Dates of appointment and resignation

What are the benefits of executing director searches?

The old saying goes that you do not do business with businesses but with people - and that is why it is prudent to check directorships and get a full understanding of the people that are running the company and making the key decisions that affect the future of the organisation.

identeco's company director search function will provide you with insights into more than 13 million registered company directors and enable you to search for a director quickly and easily. Subscribers can search for a company director's name or company to view a register of directors. Apply filters such as date of birth, town, or region to return drilled down results. Alternatively, view via the companies that they may be associated with.

Access accurate intelligence relating to an individual's current and historic business interests and cross associations, determine the length of service, experience, track record, roles, functions, and levels of financial interest as well as shareholder structures and voting rights. identeco's directors' report contains the registered address and a complete list of current and previous directorships with the ability to match this information across multiple directors' appointments.

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How can I access director and shareholder information?

The director search function is one of nine services that sits within the identeco Business Support Toolkit and enables its subscribers to execute immediate and unlimited searches on any UK director or shareholder. The Business Support Toolkit provides immediate, in-depth intelligence on over 5 million UK registered companies.

Get instant access to vital information on director and shareholder names, nationality, date of birth, timelines for directorships, historic appointments and resignations and trading history. View voting rights and structures, as well as any mutual directors and cross associations.

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