Get instant insights into 3m UK companies
Get instant insights into 3m UK companies

company searches: understand the importance of company due diligence and finance checks

How confident are you that your invoices will get paid? Do you have a robust risk management process in place to prevent your firm becoming collateral damage should your customer move into administration? How do you know that your customers or prospects have the funds – or the intention – to settle their account? Have you applied solid company monitoring alerts to react when a customer’s financial stability changes?

These are all important questions that need asking; It is no longer enough to rely on good faith alone. All successful businesses understand the importance of carrying out sufficient due diligence to fully understand their customers prior to entering a business relationship, making sure that they have full transparency of a customer’s trading history, as well visibility of the financial health of a company to set realistic credit levels which will prevent any nasty surprises further down the line.

Why do I need to execute a business health check?

It is vital in today’s fluctuating market that you are working with accurate and up to date company intelligence, especially if your business model includes extending credit. In its simplest form, a brief Company House check will enable you to find company information and provide you with basic, yet important details as to trading addresses, a company registration number check that confirms that it correlates with said firm and what the business status is (whether a company is trading or not).

However, this type of company search is not enough to equip you with all the business information that you need to build an accurate picture of your customers or prospects. Companies House will not provide the correct level of business insight into credit information, days sales outstanding or insights into the presence of any CCJs or detrimental data and can therefore leave many creditors vulnerable when setting payment terms.

Executing the correct level of business check processes will help you to ascertain vital company information such as ownership checks, a company name checker, suggested credit ratings, director insights and shareholder structures, a financial health checking, previous trading history and company names, as well as days sales outstanding.

Our online unlimited company checks on over 3m UK companies and businesses

Subscribers to identeco Business Support Toolkit can carry out immediate and unlimited company searches, providing the appropriate level of due diligence for one annual payment of £79.95 per year. The online portal provides immediate, in-depth intelligence on over 3 million UK registered companies and businesses. Our company reporting service enables you to search by company name, registration number, business name, or director. From here, subscribers can access detailed company information and intelligence which includes company information such as turnover and financial reports, directors and shareholder information and any cross associations, auditing data, filed documents, credit ratings, and financial health information as well as any detrimental data such a CCJs that may exist for that customer.  And not only that – we help to future proof you too: subscribers can set up ongoing company monitoring on any UK company or business to receive a series of alerts and notifications when a customer’s business stability changes. This could be a downward turn in their financial health, a change of trading address or the appearance of a CCJ. This information puts you in the driving seat, protecting you from unnecessary risk and vulnerabilities.

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Key features:

  • Trading addresses
  • Business Search
  • Company Information
  • Company Accounts
  • Company Intelligence
  • Filing dates and documents
  • Annual Returns
  • Shareholder Information
  • Liquidation and Receiverships
  • Statutory documents
  • Group company details
  • Historical accounting data
  • Director and share principles
  • Detrimental data, including recorded CCJs
  • Credit flags
  • Mortgage details
  • Striking off notices

Company Searches

All company information is constantly refreshed and updated direct from Companies House to maintain data accuracy.

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