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Ensure you know who you are doing business with. By using identeco you can access information on over 5 million UK registered companies. Our free company reporting service enables you to search in two ways, by company name or number, and provides a host of details including directors, accounting data, financial health and stability and all other filed information with companies house.

Key features:

  • Trading addresses
  • Business Search
  • Company Information
  • Company Accounts
  • Company Intelligence
  • Filing dates and documents
  • Annual Returns
  • Shareholder Information
  • Liquidation and Receiverships
  • Statutory documents
  • Group company details
  • Historical accounting data
  • Director and share principles
  • Detrimental data including recorded CCJ's
  • Credit flags
  • Mortgage details
  • Striking off notices

Company Searches

All company information is constantly refreshed and updated direct from Companies House to maintain data accuracy.

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