Discover more about sole traders and partnerships
Discover more about sole traders and partnerships

customer screening

Unlike limited Companies, UK Sole Traders and Partnerships have no obligation to file detailed information with Companies House, which means that there is less data publicly available about this significant section of the business community. Discover more about your customers with our customer screening service which allows businesses or landlords to efficiently screen new customers and tenants to improve account opening processes, without slowing down new sales. We will help you understand who you do business with - our reports quickly analyse results from a combination of data available against the business and its owners providing you with simple but powerful reports for easy decision making.

Key features:

  • New customers are immediately screened, allowing accounts to be automatically approved or quickly denied
  • Fast turnaround
  • Simple, but powerful data reports for easy decision making
  • Access information on newly established businesses
  • Fast integration with your own systems
  • Batch processing available
  • Services for non-limited business, sole traders, partnerships and individuals

Live telephone matching service

Our customer screening reports include:

Sole Traders and Partnerships

Service features
Cleanse of Name and Address Data
Residential Address (where Possible)
Trading Address
Date of Birth Check
Gender Check
Search of Directory for possible Ex Directory Listings
Insolvency Search
Detailed Insolvency Data
County Court Judgment Search
Mortality Search
Property Data (Residential)
Property Ownership Data (Residential)
Profile based on Lifestyle, Cultures and Behaviour
Directorship Search

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Service features
Cleanse of Name and Address Data
Date of Birth Check
Gender Check
Search of Directory for possible Ex Directory Listings
Insolvency Search
Detailed Insolvency Data
County Court Judgment Search
Mortality Search
Property Data
Property Ownership Data
Profile based on Lifestyle, Cultures and Behaviour
Directorship Search

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Orders for our screening services are processed within 24 hours and delivered to your inbox for payment.

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Should I screen my customers?

Customer screening is the practice of running a series of checks that match data points to confirm the validity of information that you have been provided, and screen for any detrimental data such a high court writs or county court judgements. By taking these steps to carry out a thorough screen of your data, you can substantially reduce the risk non-settlement of invoices, exposure to potential anti-money laundering threats, and enable you to set realistic and manageable credit terms for both parties.

It is also becoming common practice for regulators to expect a certain level of risk management to play a part in a business’ processes.

Implementing rigorous new customer checks to ascertain the stability of a business should be part of any account opening process and for B2B organisations, this can be done via our Company Search and Business Names Database functionality. For those that operate in a B2C sector, our Customer Screening Service provides vital information to help you to make informed decisions about individuals, sole traders or partnerships quickly.

What is identeco’s Customer Screening service?

identeco’s customer screening service is available to all subscribers of our Business Support Toolkit at discounted subscriber rates and brings its data together from several trusted, global data sources.

Our reliable and reputable reports will enable your business to protect itself against any potential financial threat such as non-payment of invoices, association with a person or company that could damage your brand reputation and help you to meet compliance guidelines.

We offer two reports: Sole Traders and Partnerships, and Individual screening reporting.

Benefits of customer screening:

Enable businesses to safeguard themselves from risk

Access vital customer information easily

Make decisions quickly

Evaluate risk before extending credit terms

Remain well informed

Weigh risks against opportunity

Help you meet regulatory and compliance obligations

How can the Customer Screening reports help my business?

Unlike company searches, data on individuals, partnerships and sole traders isn’t as readily available as there is no obligation for these parties to submit information to Companies House. This can often leave those that have dealings with these types of organisations with more questions than answers – and often having to rely on the customer information that they have been provided without the means to run any due diligence themselves. This can leave businesses open to risk.

We can support your customer screening process and help you to protect yourself. identeco’s Customer Screening reports help your business to quickly identify risk and make an assessment based on facts. We present all the findings in one central report – saving your business time and money.

Submitting a request for a Customer Screening report is straightforward and can be submitted through our website. Reports are generated efficiently and returned to your personal identeco dashboard within 24 hours.

Reports are priced individually so you will only pay for what you need. We can also provide exceptional rates for volume requirements. Speak to our team today.

What do the reports include?

Name and address
Residential address (sole traders and partnerships only)
Trading address (sole traders and partnerships only)
Date of birth
TPS/Ex Directory
Insolvency history
Detrimental data such as County Court Judgements
Mortality screening
Property data and ownership
Demographic profile based on lifestyle, cultures, and behaviour
Directorship search

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