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SALES LEDGER ACCOUNT MONITORING Real time alerts to manage cashflow and give you greater control

We will monitor your full sales ledger to protect your business from unnecessary risk

Sales Ledger Account Monitoring

identeco's fully automated sales ledger account monitoring allows organisations to protect themselves from the domino effect of customers' poor finances. Statistics show that 82% of all business failures are due to poor cash flow. Late paying customers or those that might be struggling financially can have a negative impact on your own cash flow, putting you at risk.

identeco's sales ledger account monitoring gives you the tools and insights to ensure that your credit control department is working with the latest information in order to respond to fluctuating customer finances, giving you greater control and enabling your credit control department to prioritise credit control focus on specific accounts, reduce invoice payment terms and improve your own business cash flow.

Fully automated

Our API will fully integrate with your own sales ledger finance software

Instant insights

Instant reporting on live financial data to understand the potential risk

Focus your resources

Enable credit control to act quickly or spot further growth opportunities

Fully automated sales ledger account monitoring to protect your business

Our sales ledger account monitoring service will fully interact with your own financial systems, software, and processes, putting you in the driving seat and eliminating unnecessary risk. Your systems will be updated with our live data, giving you complete visibility of your customers' financial or structural position.

Not only will our API protect your company from risk, but it will reduce the time spent on manual checks, allowing your account receivables team to be more productive. Your team will be able to make swifter decisions based on real time, reliable information. These decisions could be a simple review and adjustment of credit terms, or to move flagged accounts to internal or third-party collections for priority.

Via our sales ledger API, your sales ledger will be updated in real time to flag any negative customer trading conditions or financial difficulties, track changes in ownership and the ability to review new accounting information immediately after filing. Our reporting will also show where there is potential to maximise sales leads and explore further opportunities as a result of a customer's credit rating or stability increasing.

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