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EMAIL APPENDING Enrich your email data

Improve your email marketing performance with email appending

Email Appending

There are 4.3 billion email users throughout the world - that's over half the population. From that figure, there are 85% of us using email daily - checking, sending, or receiving. With those kinds of numbers, it is understandable why email is considered the most effective communication method for a huge percentage of the population.

For businesses, email enables volume contact campaigns across a host of business applications, helping you reach more customers and get your message heard. However, recent statistics have shown that between 20% of email addresses are incorrect due to being entered incorrectly, people using multiple addresses, or changing jobs. This creates 'hard bounces' and returned emails which is frustrating for the sender.

As a subscriber to identeco, you have access to our email appending services which provides you with accurate and compliant email addresses to improve your customer experience, aid customer retention, accelerate cash flow, increase revenue, and build more predictive customer contact campaigns. To get started, supply the data you wish to append via our secure online portal, and we will send you a report of updated email addresses, together with a list of any items we could not identify within 24 hours.


Eliminate invalid email addresses and remove duplicates

Grow your audience

Obtain GDPR compliant b2b email addresses

Improve ROI

Reduce wasted marketing spend and demonstrate a responsible approach

Execute best practice

Safeguard your brand reputation and avoid fines for nuisance marketing

Enhance data

Update missing elements in your database

Improve brand reputation

Provide a better brand experience for your customers

What are the benefits of email appending?

All businesses rely on good data and your customer list is probably one of your organisation's greatest assets. Long before the advent of digital marketing, direct mail, lettering, and telephone contact was the best way of engaging with your customers but in this digital age when most customers are digitally connected 24-7, it makes sense to reach them via their inboxes. However, you are only as good as the data that you have.

Email data ages with time; but that's not the only reason regular email appending should be part of your internal processes; errors such as typos, fake email addresses used in sign-up forms, people leaving jobs or changing titles, domain name changes, unmonitored emails, missing letters or digits, or a recipient passing away - all of these will have an impact on the quality of your email data and can be the difference between you engaging with your target audience or customer base, or getting a 'hard bounce back' (A hard bounce back indicates that the recipient email address is no longer functional, unlike a soft bounce back where the user's inbox may be full, a server being temporarily down, or the message being too large).

So, it's good business sense to keep data sharp through appending.

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How can identeco help?

Whilst email is an effective method of engaging with your customers and prospects, not many companies are fully aware of data appending and how it can increase ROI on your communications. It is surprising how many 'experts' in digital marketing are working with defunct email data.

As part of a subscription to the Business Support Toolkit, our subscribers have access to many data appending services, including email appending. identeco will screen against various data points to identify out-of-date, missing, or incorrect emails in your data and then return to you a comprehensive, updated database of email addresses to make your engagements more effective and give you a greater return on investment.

Our email appending services are only available to subscribers of identeco's business support toolkit. Once you have subscribed, you can simply upload your database to our secure online portal and identeco will advise where we can improve email addresses and fill in any gaps, providing a count and cost per unit. Once the data is appended, we will return it to you in an agreed format and deliver it securely to your identeco dashboard.

We use trusted worldwide data sources to offer the most comprehensive service to our subscribers.

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