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MORTALITY SCREENING Avoid insensitive communications and reduce spend

Screen against Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI)

Mortality Screening

Mortality screening is the process of examining your business data against the Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI), which is an up-to-date record of all deaths in England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and which is in place to assist in the prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of offences. We work with many businesses such as insurance and pension providers, debt collection and enforcement agencies, and many financial institutions where mortality screening is a fundamental part of their administration.

Statistics confirm that over half a million people pass away in the UK every year, identifying deceased individuals within your database is essential for data integrity as sending communications intended for a deceased loved one can be extremely distressing for the recipient.

Accurate data is integral to successful telephone and mailing campaigns and that's why it is vital to carry out regular mortality cleansing of your records. This will reduce the cost of wasted correspondence and identify potential fraud. Our mortality screening service is available to all identeco subscribers. Simply provide the data you want examining and we will return your report within 24 hours.


Identify deceased individuals from your prospecting or customer lists

Save costs

Reduce wasted telemarketing spend and admin of returned mail

Minimise brand damage

Avoid insensitivity by contacting families of deceased individuals

Mitigate fraud

Reduce fraud, overpayments and regulatory risk

Batch screening

We have processes for ad-hoc screening or volume uploads

Boost engagement rates

Improve client communications and targeted campaigns

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