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TELEPHONE APPENDING Enrich your telesales data

Improve your telesales performance with sharper data

Telephone Appending

We understand just how inaccurate, missing or incomplete telephone numbers result in wasted man hours, increased cost through reduced efficiency and the risks associated with brand reputation. At identeco, we provide access to more than 30 million accurate telephone numbers and ex-directory flags, all regularly updated to ensure data integrity and the mitigation of risk connected with compliance.

By utilising name and address data identeco can append consented telephone numbers for individuals and businesses across both landline and mobile numbers, giving you more accurate data for your key contact campaigns by telephone or SMS. All identeco data is collated from a consenting source.

Our telephone appending service is available to identeco subscribers. Simply provide the data you want examining and we will send you a report of updated phone numbers, together with a list of any items we could not identify within 24 hours.


Eliminate invalid telephone numbers and remove duplicates

Grow your audience

Obtain GDPR compliant b2b telephone numbers

Improve ROI

Reduce wasted telemarketing spend and demonstrate a responsible approach

Execute best practice

Safeguard your brand reputation and avoid fines for nuisance calling

Enhance data

Update missing elements in your database

Improve brand reputation

Provide a better brand experience for your customers

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