Understand director and shareholder structures and cross associates
Understand director and shareholder structures and cross associates

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Unless you are a business that works on proforma invoice, you will have some sort of due diligence process in place to understand your potential customers financial strengths in order to understand what kind of credit terms you need to put in place in order to have a mutually beneficial relationship that will go from strength to strength.

We all know that business is all about calculated risk – and we all agree that some calculated risk in business is a good thing. It is how enterprises grow. However, all risk should be managed. Taking on a new customer is always good for business but does need some scratching beneath the surface in order to get a full picture of who you are dealing with – and ascertaining the risk involved. Surely the biggest concern in this situation is whether a new customer will settle your invoices for services rendered or products provided. Successful businesses make a habit of applying appropriate due diligence into the company that they are dealing with but the biggest concern when offering 30 day plus payment terms is that whether your customer can pay your invoices. As we have established, company reports are an extremely reliable way of collating this information – and if you are a Business Support Toolkit subscriber, you will know that unlimited company checks are one of the nine services available to you.

The old saying goes that you do not do business with businesses but with people – and that is why it is prudent to check directorships and get a fuller understanding of the people that are running the company and making the key decisions that affect the future of the organisation.

identeco’s find company directors search function will provide you with insights into more than 13 million registered company directors and enable you to search for a director quickly and easily. Subscribers can search company directors name or company to view a register of directors. Apply filters such as date of birth, town, or region to return drilled down results. Alternatively, view via the companies that they may be associated with. The portal will provide you with accurate intelligence relating to an individual's current and historic business interests and cross associations, determine the length of service, experience, track record, roles, functions, and levels of financial interest as well as shareholder structures and voting rights. identeco's directors' report contains the registered address and a complete list of current and previous directorships with the ability to match this information across multiple directors’ appointments.

If you are an identeco Business Support Toolkit subscriber, you will know that you have unlimited access to the Director Check UK Information service. If you are not yet a subscriber, then sign up today to start using this service and get access to all nine identeco services – all for one annual fee of £79.95.

If you would like more information on how to check a company director, or would like a free 48 hour trial, then please email us or call us on 01527 386 607 or visit our FAQ pages to see if we have answered your question there.

Key features:

  • Full name and nationality
  • Month and year of birth
  • Registered address
  • Current and previous directorships
  • Other directorships (specific and probable matches)
  • Date of appointment/resignation and function

Company Director Searches

All director information is constantly refreshed and updated direct from Companies House to maintain data accuracy.

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