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Confirm employment details of any individual for an attachment of earnings order

Employment Trace Services

Tracing a debtor's employer can be a solution if you are struggling to get an invoice settled. This is called an 'attachment of earnings order'. It is a legal document that is sent to an employer which will require them to take money from the employee's wages in order to settle an outstanding invoice.

If you are thinking of taking out an attachment of earnings order, you will first need to confirm the employment status and employer. Our active employment trace service will provide you with the information that you require to secure payment via an attachment of earnings order. We will confirm employed status and employment details of any individual in the UK. Simply supply a name and address and identeco will provide you with validated employment information quickly and efficiently.

Our process is simple; all we need is the name and address of the person and we will undertake discrete enquiries to obtain current employment information, with our no find, no fee guarantee - our subscribers will only ever pay for positive results.

Confirm employment status

Employed, self-employed or claiming benefits verification

Accurate, fast, effective, and powerful

Validated information within 7 days

Pay on results service

No find, no fee trace services to all subscribers

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