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PRE-LITIGATION REPORTS Improve outcomes for litigation

Understand the likelihood of a positive result of litigation

Pre-Litigation Reporting

Being fully informed drives better business decisions, so before incurring expensive legal fees, learn more about the financial standing of any individual, company, or business. With identeco's pre-litigation service, we will provide measurements of suitability for legal recovery action, identify key financial information, help you understand defaults and attitudes towards non-payment, validate current addresses and contact information, provide intelligence on property owned and obtain information relating to business or employment activity to give you a full understanding of financial circumstances. Our trace and pre-litigation service can also help you to locate any individual, business or company and provide a full report of financial circumstances in one report.

Improve the outcome

Prevent costly legal action when a positive result is unlikely

Insights and intelligence

Understand assets such as property owned and value


View CCJs and any detrimental data for a business or individual

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