Email marketing - still one of the most effective channels
Wednesday, 26th February 2020 14:41

Sending out emails to prospective and current clients can be a little more difficult since GDPR, but it is still one of the most effective marketing channels available to businesses. As well as being low cost, engagement is trackable so you can get a solid ROI on any campaigns.

Email marketing is a great way to get your message out there to the relevant people – so it’s a brilliant tool for brand awareness, sales promotions or company updates or simply to gather customer feedback.

As with any marketing, standing out from the crowd is tough; other companies could establish similar goals your business. You have to carefully consider who your audience is and who you want to target, amongst many other considerations. To add to that you typically have 7-10 seconds to make an impact.

There are different written elements of an email, and this usually includes:

  • Subject line – which should be short, descriptive, clear and concise. The subject should be regarded as the gatekeeper to persuade readers to carry on reading.
    • Think about a movie teaser trailer, it is usually very short and minimal, but you know enough about the film to know whether you want to see it or not.
  • Pre-header text – this should inform the reader what the email is about, without giving away all of the exciting bits.
    • Let’s carry on with the movie analogy. When they release a full movie trailer, you discern what the movie is going to be about, but you don’t know all of the spoilers. It’s longer than the teaser, so it has a bit more information included to tempt you further.
  • Headline – The title of the email, sometimes the hardest thing to decide. This communicates little information other than what the primary focus of the email is going to be. This should also be different from the subject.
    • Back to movies, every movie needs a title. This makes sure you recognise who or what the movie is about.
  • Body copy – this is the main message and where you present all the information you want to share. It’s also a good idea to include a call to action in this section.
    • So keeping with our theme, this would be the movie itself. This is the story they want to tell, this is where all the action is. You’ve been built up by the teaser trailer, main trailer and title. You grasp what the movie is going to be about, but there’s still plenty of surprises throughout the film to keep you interested. And when you have watched the film, it typically leaves you feeling something.
  • Footer – is a legal requirement this is where you include your address, copyright, an unsubscribe button, etc. Having an unsubscribe button is a must, this is fundamental especially with GDPR.
    • Similar in movies, the credits include any legal information near the end of the credits.

Keeping the email as short as possible, but still being able to get your message across is challenging. This is where linking to PDFs or web pages can be a real help. So that readers aren’t “forced” to read all of the text, but can choose to then or at a later date. Just make sure you don’t put your core message a PDF or web page. The balance of text and images is important too, there are a few different reports on what works best. So again, this may just be trial and error for your business. In 2019, it was commonly suggested that an email should be 60% text and 40% image.

Get emailing!