Marketing lists can help your business grow

Wednesday, 7th July 2021 09:55

Robust marketing lists are an essential component to any B2B company’s success. You can’t sell your products or services without contact information for your leads. 

Usually, B2B companies will invest a lot of time and money into cultivating their own lists. This is a good move because it gives you the opportunity to learn about the marketplace and the companies that fit into your target niche. However, it’s not always feasible or realistic to build your own contact list from scratch.

Perhaps you are you looking to grow your customer base and engage with new prospects, or perhaps you are struggling to connect with new markets and generate new appointments. And if your business is about to launch into a brand-new market, you might not even know where to start your lead generation activities. Whether you are expanding into a new industry or introducing a new product or service, or just need to add to your existing data, investing in business email lists can help you cut through the unfamiliarity and establish a contact base. This contact base probably won’t be your entire market, but it does give you a good place to start and build on.

Refreshing your B2B marketing list makes it sharper and more reliable, and with telemarketing and email marketing being two of the most effective routes to boost your customer base and improve your bottom line, it is vital that you are not working from tired data that does not contain up to date and accurate telephone or email data. Unreliable data results in a poor ROI, wasted manpower and frustrated teams – not to mention lack of growth for your business. It is however very important that you source any lists from a reputable partner, to ensure any data is GDPR compliant.

Here we look at 5 benefits of investing in marketing lists for your business:

Expand your reach

Even when you’ve spent considerable time and money creating your business email lists, there will be blind spots. There might be companies you missed, opportunities you didn’t consider, or accounts for which you can’t find updated contact info. When you buy an email database, you will almost always discover new leads. Even if just one or two of those leads turn into high-paying accounts, buying the list will have been worthwhile. New accounts might also be able to refer you to other contacts you didn’t know about, expanding your reach further.

Reduce your reliance on existing clients

It’s never good to be reliant on just a number of key clients. If one of them goes out of business or decides to stop doing business with you, it could affect your company’s bottom line. When you buy a mailing list, you find new opportunities to diversify your client list. Not only does this process make you more money, but it also spreads your revenue out among more accounts. If one of those accounts falls through, it won’t hit your business quite so hard.

You can approach potential prospects right away

Building a mailing list for business is a time-consuming task. By investing in marketing lists, you get to skip the research process and start approaching prospects right away. This can be especially helpful if you are entering a new market and need to start generating a profit sooner rather than later.

Develop your business in a new market much faster

Entering a new market is a hard process. There are likely to be pitfalls that you need to go through before your business can become successful in a new niche or location. When you have a well-vetted list of business emails, that growing process need not last as long. Pitching to clients sooner will allow you to secure new business faster.

Drive more sales and growth

Ultimately, lead generation is all about revenue. You want contacts whose companies can benefit from having your product. Finding those people and knowing how to pitch them will win you new accounts and make your business a success. A good B2B marketing list can be a huge asset to your business.

Our intelligent GDPR compliant business marketing lists enable our subscribers to download an unlimited number of lists of their target prospects in order to make an initial introduction to their business via telephone, direct mail or email marketing. All subscribers to identeco’s Business Support Toolkit can build and download accurate and effective marketing and prospecting lists – as many times as they need to. There is no cap on how many times you can generate a list. It is straightforward and fast.

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