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RESIDENCY REPORTING Confirmed resident information any UK address

Verified information on who lives at any given address

Residency Reporting

According to the Office for National Statistics there are 27.8 million households in the UK and approximately 4.5% of house moves each year. This can make keeping your address audits up to date challenging.

Available at a competitive rate to all our identeco subscribers is our residency reporting service. This service provides a basic overview of your customers and often is useful data for you to make plans. The audit process is designed to be simple and secure; your data is always protected and results from the append allow you to review your data quality and provide an overview of your customers. Using a unique data set aimed at correcting, confirming, updating, and enriching data connected with an individual and links to a specific address. Results from each search allow you to review data quality and provide an overview of your customer.


Ensure postal address data is in line with Royal Mail Records


We will confirm if your subject is considered a resident at the address you have supplied

Detrimental data or insolvency

Confirmation of any insolvency (past or present) registered against your subject at the address supplied

Mortality screening

Confirmation of any mortality for your subject

Rapid results

Cleansed and updated data within 24 hours

Competitively priced

From 0.75 pence per search

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