Identify prospects and potential customers with targeted mailing lists
Identify prospects and potential customers with targeted mailing lists

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Are you looking to grow your customer base and engage with new prospects? Perhaps you are struggling to connect with new markets and generate new appointments? Are you working from an old business mailing list that is no longer generating much ROI?

It sounds as if your b2b marketing and telesales data could benefit from refresh – making it sharper and more reliable.

With telemarketing and email marketing being two of the most effective routes to boost your customer base and improve your bottom line, it is vital that you are not working from tired data that does not contain up to date and accurate telephone or email data. Unreliable data will result in a poor ROI, wasted manpower and frustrated teams – not to mention lack of growth for your business.

An annual subscription to identeco’s Business Support Toolkit enables businesses to understand their customers and competitors, avoid risk and grow their market share through nine key business services. And one of the most popular services within the Toolkit is our b2b telemarketing lists and b2b email list builder function which enables companies to generate new b2b sales, reach new customers to introduce their products and services or simply to raise brand awareness. And with trends indicating a strong return for direct mail (recent studies indicate that marketing experts at leading Fortune 500 companies predict that direct mail will become the most powerful tool for reaching digitally exhausted customers in a post pandemic world), now is the time to refresh prospecting lists, making sure that the mailing list that you have is active and accurate.

identeco’s b2b telemarketing lists will maximise your chances of reaching your target audience – quickly and cost effectively.

Our intelligent GDPR compliant business marketing lists enable our subscribers to download a list of their target prospects in order to make an initial introduction to their business via telephone, direct mail or email marketing. All subscribers to identeco’s Business Support Toolkit can build and download accurate and effective marketing and prospecting lists – as many times as they need to. There is no cap on how many times you can generate a list. It is straightforward and fast.

identeco’s sophisticated filters enable you to build a bespoke targeted marketing list. Filter by SIC code, sector, region, assets and trading status and we will deliver a GDPR compliant, accurate and up to date targeted marketing list to your unique dashboard. (This is also where you can store all your regular searches, manage companies that you follow, and access any reports you have generated).

All our lists include registered company names, company number, key director contact, trading addresses as well as registered addresses, email addresses, website URLs, live telephone numbers – and to help you avoid any fines for nuisance calling – we’ll also let you know if any of the contacts appear on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) list. We will also advise of employee counts and auditor details if they are available. From here, your sales and marketing efforts will become much more streamline and effective, with less wasted time following up inactive businesses, inaccurate numbers or invalid email address.

Subscribe today to get started and generate a list immediately. An annual subscription is £79.95 + VAT and will give you unlimited access to all these services as well as preferential subscriber rates to over twenty five other services .

For more information on our b2b email, marketing and telesales list or a question about our Business Support Toolkit, call us or email us and speak to one of our team.

Key features:

  • B2B mailing and telemarketing lists
  • 6.5 million businesses across the UK
  • 2.6 million telemarketing records
  • TPS and CTPS screening updated weekly
  • Financial health indicators
  • Targeted marketing
  • 900,000 GDPR Compliant B2B business email addresses
  • Customise your ideal target list with powerful segmentation tools
  • Accurate and reliable sales leads
  • Search and download by individual SIC code

Company market research

Improve efficiency and make your marketing team exceptional. Build more specific marketing lists by using our segmentation filters to drill down on customers who need specific messaging. You can approach rapidly growing companies in a different way to how you approach companies in decline or distress.

Click here to download an example Prospects & Mailing List file.

Build your marketing list (Subscription required)

All data supplied is TPS/CTPS/GDPR compliant for 28 days from the point of delivery to your dashboard. It is the responsibility of subscribers to apply their own compliancy processes to all data after 28 days. For information on identeco’s data cleansing service, click here.