Identify prospects and potential customers with targeted mailing lists
Identify prospects and potential customers with targeted mailing lists

marketing, mailing & prospecting lists

Intelligent GDPR compliant telemarketing and mailing lists to identify your ideal prospects with accurate sales prospect data to develop new business. Build the perfect customer profile and use our powerful database containing information on every business in the UK to find similar customers. Should it be required, identeco can work with you to customise your target list with powerful segmentation tools to select prospects by legal status, health rating, turnover size, net assets, age, and region to get detailed profiles that will help you gain greater market share. All Marketing, Mailing & Prospecting Lists include extensive data sets allied to Company size. Build your marketing list here or speak to identeco on 01527 549 531 to tailor it further to your specifications.

Key features:

  • B2B mailing and telemarketing lists
  • 6.5 million businesses across the UK
  • 2.6 million telemarketing records
  • TPS and CTPS screening updated weekly
  • Financial health indicators
  • Targeted marketing
  • 900,000 GDPR Compliant B2B business email addresses
  • Customise your ideal target list with powerful segmentation tools
  • Accurate and reliable sales leads
  • Search and download by individual SIC code

Company market research

Improve efficiency and make your marketing team exceptional. Build more specific marketing lists by using our segmentation filters to drill down on customers who need specific messaging. You can approach rapidly growing companies in a different way to how you approach companies in decline or distress.

Click here to download an example Prospects & Mailing List file.

Build your marketing list (Subscription required)

All data supplied is TPS/CTPS/GDPR compliant for 28 days from the point of delivery to your dashboard. It is the responsibility of subscribers to apply their own compliancy processes to all data after 28 days. For information on identeco’s data cleansing service, click here.