Verify the employment details of your customers

employment trace

Our expert Employment Trace services will provide you with current occupation and employment details of any individual. When you need reliable tracing services for attachment of earnings or similar for individuals, simply supply identeco with a name and address and we will provide you with validated information about your subject's employment status, current employer details and any relevant adverse information. Our rapid and compliant trace products are fully verified to ensure reliability.

Key features:

  • Pay for results only service
  • Confirmed employer address
  • Role or capacity in which employed
  • Landline and mobile numbers held or located during our investigation
  • Data used to validate the information supplied

Employment tracing

Our policy of only supplying validated information gives us the confidence to provide our customers a free information recheck service.

Fees for our employment trace service are only chargeable if we are able to locate a positive employment address, which will include details of employer or self employment. We are able to process both small and large volume instructions. Simply place your employment trace request using the button below and we will email you the result within 7 days.

Click here to view an example Employment Trace report.

£35.00 (Subscription required)

All pricing is shown net of Value Added Tax (VAT).