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Our Business Names Database provides subscribers with insights on over 1.6 million non-limited businesses operating in the UK (for incorporated companies, try our Company Search). Where available, this database will provide key information on businesses operating in the UK such as trading address and contact numbers, website information and email addresses, date established and duration of trading activity, financial health ratings to help you understand business capabilities, as well as insights into detrimental data and ownership structures.

Our database contains information on over 80% of businesses operating in the UK and is regularly maintained. Where the information in our business names database is insufficient for your purposes those details can be updated using our customer screening reports for sole traders and partnerships within our Customer Screening Toolkit.

Key features:

  • Our database contains 80% of all businesses operating in the UK
  • Financial and trading insights
  • Easily identify non-limited businesses
  • Trading addresses and contact details
  • Date established and trading duration
  • Website and email addresses
  • Business health ratings
  • Review detrimental data
  • Refreshed report available

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All business information is constantly refreshed and updated direct from Companies House to maintain data accuracy.

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