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DATA AUDIT SERVICE Sharpen your data with our data audit reports

Ensure that your database is accurate and compliant

Data Auditing

Data is often cited as a key business asset, with customer and prospecting lists a vital resource for a growing and thriving business. However, with so many businesses falling foul of data regulations, it is not only prudent but the law, to regularly review business data for preference screening, accuracy, and validation, not to mention data security to prevent your communications from falling into the wrong inboxes.

With the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) now moving to a much firmer approach to data management and screening, it is vital that organisations execute the 28-day rule, where firms are legally obliged to audit all data used for cold calling and mailings against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), Mail Preference Service (MPS) as well as Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). This rule is supported by many governing bodies including the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), Data Marketing Association (DMA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and TPS Checker. There are steep financial penalties for not screening data so it should be a clear and consistent process in your business.

Address validation

Confirm addresses for individuals

Gone away persons

Identify where persons are no longer at an address

Email, telephone and data records

Identify areas for improvement or enhancement

Screen for deceased individuals

Avoid insensitivity and improve database ROI


Protect yourself from costly fines

Reduce duplication

Refresh your database and identify duplicated data

Data auditing will revitalise your data

identeco's data audit service provides straightforward, reliable screening of your data against TPS/MPS/CTPS and GDPR registers. Simply upload your database in Excel format to our secure online portal and we will run an audit health check. We will also advise where telephone numbers are no longer valid, subjects are no longer at the address you hold, and screen against the mortality register for deceased individuals on your database. We will return data via your secure dashboard.

The returned report will identify where enhancements can be made; we will advise where we can make improvements (updated telephone, address, duplicate lines and data) through our Data Enhancement Toolkit and provide a no-obligation quote for this revitalised data.

Screened data doesn't only have an impact on your legal obligations, enhanced data will immediately improve your return on investment (ROI) - reducing overheads and time wasted working invalid contacts. An identeco data audit report will also enable your company to act with sensitivity by avoiding contacting someone who appears on the mortality register.

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