Clamping down on cold calling

Thursday, 22nd April 2021 09:33

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have identified two UK companies who have made almost 860,000 illegal calls between them and have subsequently received fines totalling £270,000. 

The businesses called House Guard of Bournemouth, and Call center Ops of Nottingham were found to have made the nuisance calls between 2018-2019, resulting in complaints to both the ICO and the TPS.

Signing up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is meant to stop unsolicited marketing calls, but it does not always work. Anyone whose number has been registered on the TPS for more than 28 days should be protected by law from receiving marketing calls, unless they have given consent. The ICO’s investigation found that both companies claimed not to be sales calls but proceeded to do just that telling recipients that the TPS did not apply.

Call Centre Ops made 159,461 unsolicited direct marketing calls between May and October 2019. It has been fined £120,000. The Bournemouth based company providing masonry protection solutions, was found to have made staggeringly nearly 700,000 nuisance calls between May and December 2018, over half of which were to TPS-registered numbers. They have since been fined a hefty £150,000.

The TPS is a free service for mobile and landline phone users that allows people to opt out of receiving cold calls. To comply with the law, companies carrying out electronic marketing should subscribe to the TPS to receive the register of subscribers to screen against their own call lists. It is clear however that many are not, so the ICO are clamping down on it to try and avoid similar scenarios.

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