Data breaches have resulted in £97 million in fines for EU companies
Tuesday, 21st January 2020 13:55

A recent survey by the law firm DLA Piper has reported GDPR fines have totalled £97 million (€114 million) for companies who have breached data and privacy regulations since the introduction of the legislation in May 2018.

There have been more than 160k data breaches across the 28 European Union Member States (as well as Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein). The highest value in monetary fines were imposed on France (£43m), Germany (£24.5m) and Austria (£18m). Countries amassing the most breaches were Netherlands (40,647) Germany (37636) and UK (22,181). Fines imposed on UK companies totalled £275,000.

Infringements on data have been wide-ranging – The French GDPR regulator fined Google €50 million for lack of valid consent, rather than a specific data breach. In July 2109 the UK’s Information Commissioner's Office confirmed two notices of intent to impose fines which will total over £282 million although, at this stage, no further details have been disclosed.

The report concludes that the figure of £97 million is ‘relatively low’ compared to the potential maximum fines that can be imposed, indicating that regulators are still being fairly lenient as firms adjust to the new rules but it’s a clear warning that companies need to improve compliance with regard to data as regulators will ramp up enforcement activity in 2020.

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